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To keep with the design of its bingo and casino installations, the Comar Group asked us to supply and install screens and digital signage for its new Bingo Royal Salamanca site, located in the commercial heart of the city.
Installation of screens throughout the hall designed and manufactured to measure for each setting.


Different sizes made to measure.

LED screens on the walls, the largest 3.50 x 2 m with 3.9 pitch.

2 LED screens 3 x 1.5 m with 3.9 pitch

14 75-inch screens 168 x 96 cm

5 60-inch screens

Integrated AV system with Digital Signage.

The most striking feature is the LED screens on the 49 x 153.6 cm columns. A total of 16 units were installed, all of them with a custom-designed and manufactured structure and sheet metal trim.

All the screens are equipped with digital signage.

Using programming techniques, we integrated a mechanism into the hall’s gaming system that digitally captures the ball and presents it in real time on the columns, along with information on previous balls.

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