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AV Solutions

We design, create and integrate audiovisual solutions that optimise your digital strategy.

We have the human and technical resources you need to develop customised solutions to suit your requirements in terms of size, shape, structure and position, whether made to measure in our facilities or sourced from the market’s leading suppliers.

Our professional staff, specialised in a range of fields and certified and trained in the most cutting-edge technologies, combine talent, innovation and creativity to provide you with a solution that is perfectly tailored to the needs and scope of your project.

Visual media

Flexible and versatile solutions designed not only to communicate, but also to attract and hold the attention of audiences in any environment.

LED screens tailored to the specific needs of your project in terms of size, technical specs and cost, or Digital Signage with ad hoc content management for maximum customisation of your spaces.


Acoustic systems designed to engage your audience through all their senses.

Whether you need to communicate information or increase the richness of sound in retail or entertainment spaces, we design and deliver the most suitable solution using innovative products or acoustic conditioning.

Unified Communications

Audiovisual solutions for work environments that aim to boost productivity, efficiency and agility.

Whether for a single site or multiple sites, we provide integrated systems for collaboration and presentation, videoconferencing, room reservation and capacity control, streaming and broadcasting, and more.

Smart control

Control all your systems from a single device. For retail spaces, offices, hotels, restaurants or residential settings, we interconnect all the video, audio, lighting, telecommunications and other components to create a single, centralised control panel with a customised, easy-to-use interface.

Data analytics

User consumption and behaviour data capture, energy efficiency monitoring of spaces, capacity control and queue management are just some examples of solutions for analysing and extracting a variety of information that can help in decision-making.

Other solutions

Our talent knows no bounds. We will find the best solution for any sector, for any environment. In addition to Retail, Corporate, Hospitality and Residential, we have experience in the Healthcare, Education and Logistics sectors.

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