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Denodo wanted the latest videoconferencing and display technology to make it easy to connect between their offices and with their customers, no matter where they are in the world.
We took care of providing the audiovisual solutions and integrating them into the various spaces in which we work:


Data House

We created an innovative, state-of-the-art meeting room.

Equipped with a 98-inch screen connected to a Liveware matrix that can be used to connect both the internal team and external people using ClickShare or the more conventional matrix connections.

Knowing that one of Denodo’s main requirements was to have cutting-edge devices for videoconferencing, we equipped the screen with an all-in-one webcam (camera, speakers and microphone) and installed two additional microphones at different locations on the table.

We installed LED strips behind the acoustic panels on the walls, connected to a control system that can adjust the colour, creating a high-tech ambience.

Circular boardroom 

For this room, we looked for a simpler solution suited to the shape of the space. We installed two 55-inch screens, each equipped with a digital signage player, to display corporate materials. We configured them so the information was duplicated, displaying the same content on both screens simultaneously. However, they can also work independently of each other when connecting a device via ClickShare or HDMI input.

Support room 

We equipped this room, designed for videoconferencing and as a waiting area, with a 75-inch interactive touchscreen display with a much more intuitive system, to which equipment can be connected via ClickShare. We also included an all-in-one videoconferencing system, similar to the one in the Data House.

Mosaic office 

This was the last room we worked on for this project. In this smaller space, we opted for a simple but very functional solution. It has a 55-inch monitor with an ultra-thin mount integrated into the wall. We integrated a box with HDMI cabling into the table to allow equipment to be connected to the monitor.​

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