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As part of the renovation to modernise and transform this centrally located apartment into a luxury space, the customer asked us to come up with a bespoke lighting project.
For this bespoke project, we were responsible for selecting and integrating the lighting for the apartment’s various rooms.


Integrated lighting, tailored to needs 

To provide targeted lighting in specific places, we chose indirect perimeter lighting using the most concealed spotlights on the market, fully integrated into the ceiling.

All the lighting in the apartment is dimmable and can be switched on and off separately.

The chosen fittings are also completely flush with the wall.

Practicality in the bedrooms 

All the bedrooms have three lighting sources: concealed strip lighting, recessed spotlights and lights integrated into the wardrobes, switched on by detectors and backlit using the rear as a reflector.

Bathrooms with all the luxury touches 

A special luminaire that creates a dressing room effect, recessed into the walls and ceiling and enhanced by the mirror backlighting.

The bathroom lighting also has IP54 humidity protection.

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