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Santalucía Auditorium




Madrid, Spain






Santalucía Insurance wanted to turn its newly renovated and spacious auditorium into a modern, innovative space filled with technology.
We implemented a fully bespoke audiovisual and lighting integration solution, tailor-made to the customer’s requirements – comfort, impact and flexibility – with everything controlled from a single control panel.



The audiovisual installation features a high-resolution 4K LED screen, integrated into the panelling along the main wall.

To display content on this screen, we installed a high-performance system that allows the various video sources in the auditorium to be easily controlled from the same point.

All existing video sources can be fed into the Pulse 4K system using the various selectors, transmitters and receivers.

We also equipped the space with fixed videoconferencing equipment, a multi-platform Mago Room solution, and robotic projectors with motion and zoom intensity control.

Walls and stage skirting

We installed 400 metres of LED strips between the sound-absorbing wall panels, organised into 17 control groups that provide myriad colour combinations to suit the desired staging and atmosphere.


The sound installation comprised a Midas M32 Live mixing desk in the technical booth, providing high-quality mixing and routing of the various audio signals and sources, which included a microphone system and several wireless discussion units.

To provide sound for the space, we chose a sound system from our partner D&B, consisting of two 5D amplifiers, six ceiling-mounted loudspeakers and two ultra-compact subwoofers hidden under the LED screen.

The system is also fitted with a QSC audio conference processor to manage the videoconferencing audio effectively, and a Pinanson Dante audio patch to provide an audio feed to journalists.

We also installed a central control system to provide a user-friendly way of controlling all the equipment and the different staging effects in the auditorium using a tablet.

Aisles and seats

Each seat has power and USB sockets for connecting various devices and making presentations from any position in the auditorium.

For the lighting, we installed spotlights between slats, with asymmetrical optics arranged lengthways for aisles and crossways for armchairs.

This design involved custom-made furniture into which we integrated LED lighting of an appropriate specification.

We also installed a 65-inch screen vertically on the outside of the space to display information about events in the auditorium, together with spotlights and a control system.

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