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Madrid, Spain






As part of a comprehensive Workplace Strategy project for Bruker, a long-established company that manufactures instruments for molecular research, we were tasked with customising the lighting and screens throughout the space.
A bespoke lighting project, where we designed the layout to break up the straight lines, using curves to give the space a more natural feel. This created an S-shaped pathway forming in-between zones that can be used for different functions, such as collaborative work, relaxation and breaks.


Front desk

It was important to provide light in this area, but in an “invisible” way. To achieve this effect, we chose a pendant light finished in black. This, together with the LED strip, provides optimum control with maximum light quality.

Display unit

The aim of this specially designed piece of furniture was to bathe the exhibits in targeted light almost imperceptibly. This results in delicately lit displays, which, thanks to the profile size and density of the strip, is the best option.

Meeting room

To create indirect lighting that would form part of the wall and ceiling finishes, we chose profile lighting combined with the THER strip, resulting in one of the most visually striking areas with no compromise on efficient lighting. We also installed a 75-inch screen with an all-in-one videoconferencing bar to provide the room with an all-in-one videoconferencing to provide the room with modern hybrid workflow capabilities.


Given the demanding requirements, we chose to use custom-sized circular luminaire, alternating with suspended luminaires, all of which are fitted with LED strips. 

Dynamic workstations

The lines created by the dynamic workstations complement the vertically suspended PET sound-absorbing panels. Special profile lighting was chosen for its size and high heat dissipation properties. They also have a 43-inch monitor for smaller, internal meetings, with stand and custom-made wall recess.


To enhance the design, we chose a curved luminaire that comes with a modular, interconnected system. This can create different light radii using its wide range of models and eliminates light leakage thanks to its long flexible diffuser. It does all this without compromising its high luminous efficiency. We also installed a 65-inch monitor above a raised platform for presentations and talks, so that speakers can be seen from the standing areas.

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