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Pepa a Loba and Lobo


Pepa A Loba y Lobo


A Coruña, Spain






The customer wanted to change its tapas bar into a more welcoming restaurant with a state-of-the-art look and feel.
A unique and special integrated lighting design for every corner.


Pepa A Loba

A variety of light points 

We added light points on the vertical lines of the tables to emphasise them, as well as lines of light starting from the ceiling and running down the walls to enlarge the space.

Special design

We created a special design for the outdoor sign using laser-cut sheet metal with LED lighting.

The same concept was used for the windows, entrance area and restrooms, using this lattice pattern to filter the light and create contrast.


Indirect light

Refurbishment of a drinks bar, which, in keeping with the new Pepa design, we turned into a bolder space.

We used LED strips to create indirect lighting effects and illuminate the glass.

We used light fittings to light the tables, custom made to suit the size of the space.

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